WordPress Malware Removal Service Hire a Level 3 US Based System Administrator to clean and secure your hacked WordPress website.

Lightning Fast Service

We understand that a compromised website is an emergency. We work quickly to resolve all security issues.

Detailed Security Scan

Our systems administrators perform a detailed file scan of your entire site and will isolate any infected files and remove any backdoors.

90-Day Guarantee

We guarantee our work for 90 days and, when possible, will actively monitor your site for 1 week to make sure that your website remains uninfected.

Restore your Website and Customer Trust

Most web hosting providers and web developers do not have the time or proper technical knowledge to fix a compromised website. With over 20 years of Unix system administration experience, we can get your site back up and running quickly and secure it against further infection. We will verify all WordPress core files for integrity, remove injected files, and verify themes and modules against unauthorized modification.

If you have a static IP address, we can assist with RBL (email blacklist) removal.  Additionally, if your website has been flagged by Google as a compromised site, we can submit for blacklist removal and coordinate the removal process.

WordPress Malware Removal

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Remove Malware and Secure Website

Scan for and Remove Backdoors

Update WordPress Core

Scan and Verify Core Directories

Update WordPress Modules

Remove Unused WordPress Modules

Support via Email

90 Day Guarantee

Blacklist Removal (Dedicated IP Addresses Only)

WordPress Hardening Service

US Based Telephone Support

Content Reconstruction

Software Firewall Installation

Update Non-Customized Primary Theme

$249.95(One Time Fee)
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$399.95(One Time Fee)
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$749.95(One Time Fee)
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Questions Regarding WordPress Malware Removal

I am freaking out! How quickly can you fix this?

We typically start work within 1 hour of receiving your order. Hacked websites are usually back up and running normally within 24 hours.

I purchased a plan, now what do I do?

After you purchase a WordPress malware removal package, please open a support ticket for further assistance. We will need all server host name information and login credentials associated with your hacked website including cPanel, FTP, SSH (if available), and WordPress Administrator login information before we can begin.

Do you offer any discounts?

If your site is not already hosted with us, we can offer both a $50.00 credit to your account and 6 months of free WordPress shared server hosting if you choose to have us migrate your website to our servers. This $50.00 credit will be applied to your account after signing up for a WordPress shared server hosting package. We can offer this discount because it is usually much easier for us to work within our secure WordPress environment than a different web host’s environment. Customers who choose to take advantage of this promotion must allow us to migrate the hacked site to our servers before we being work securing the website.

What Does the 90 Day Guarantee cover?

After work is complete, we guarantee that your site will not be compromised again within the 90 day window. If it does get hacked again, we will fix it for free!